January 20th, 2004

nanowrimo 2010


Frustration, Finance, and things that begin with "F"
I'm very frustrated today. I learned — good news — that I have a couple of hundred in the bank that I didn't know about. That doesn't sound all that bad, but it points out the degree to which I'm deteriorating these days. People around me don't see what is going on … they see me every day. A few people I see, that I have seen less often notice but are too polite to comment. I notice the puzzled looks, though. I hear the quizzical tones. I am going to turn some of my finances over to others as soon as I found out a way to do it. <sigh>Finding someone to whom I wish to cede my finances is quite another matter.</sigh>

I made my second visit to Return of the King over the weekend. It was worth it. I miss a lot in this film, as parts of it are quite dark for quite a while but I enjoyed it thoroughly despite that. I don't know if I can point to the LOTR series as my favorite film of all time, but it is hard for me to put another against it right now. I've always been a Tolkien fan, read the book back when it was (still three books) published in two volumes. Back in the 60's during its greatest resurgence/popularity I read the trilogy cover-to-cover no less than 17 times. There was a time when I could quote "chapter and verse" and recite pages of text from memory. <sigh>Good old days?</sigh>

More news from Crack Ho Central
My Sis' friend called today wanting over a hundred dollars to stave off the electric company's disconnection of her service. <sigh>I said "no" and the phone hasn't stopped ringing since.</sigh>

Doggy News
Things have been going uncommonly well in the little kingdom ruled by Queen Nickkie and Princess Jirel. The pampered pups are behaving and even playing together. Jirel has taken to the doggy door with enthusiasm. Nickkie still has to have the door opened for her. <sigh>She will use the doggy door if the flap is opened for her.</sigh> I think that she'll come around eventually. We have tried leaving her outside and just waiting for her to come in but her crying and whining is too heart-rending (and too nerve-wracking) to endure. We'll see if the adage about old dogs and new tricks is true.

My DSL modem and software arrived today. I will attempt the installation tomorrow. I have to move my computer to accommodate a phone line, however. That will be a lot of work and will involve more than one would think in terms of stringing wires and moving desks. Earthlink is the ISP for my SPRINT DSL (I think). I am not too enthused about that as I have had bad experiences with Earthlink in the past. Wait and see …

My communities louderprose and louderpoetry are languishing. I've actually had some ideas for poems and prose but have not put them down. I wrote a poem a day from mid-2000 to October of 2003. That's a lot of poems. I haven't counted them, nor even collected them all in one place. I think I will do so eventually. I need to get some story ideas working. I need to write. I am spiritually constipated. <unnecessary information></unnecessary information>

The Reorganization
My desk has to be moved. Before that can happen two bookcases have to move, perhaps three. Once that is accomplished, I have to somehow run a phone line across a doorway and down the wall to the DSL modem. Then, of course, there's the actual dragging of the desk across the room, the disconnection/reconnection of the computer, the connection of the DSL modem, the disconnection of the cable modem, it's possible reconnection, and all the attendant BS that goes with such a project. <sigh>I'm feeling overwhelmed</sigh>

Dinner Plans
Chinese tonight. I am going to have Kung Po Delight which is lotsa good things and veggies. My Sis wants Garlic Chicken. We will combine this with Hot & Sour Soup and some Crab Rangoons. Is that the legitimate plural? Does one have multiple Crabs Rangoon, or Crab Rangoons, or just a couple of Crab Rangoon? To Hell with it. I'll order a Pu Pu platter!

Waterless Karl
Disaster has struck. Overdue water bill finally reached the limits of toleration and they cut off my water supply tonight. Made an emergency call, pled for funds, begged, borrowed, etc. and made a sufficient payment to get it turned back on tomorrow. In for an odorous night.