January 15th, 2004

nanowrimo 2010

Generalinformation du jour

  Things are going better today. Which is to say, nothing in particular has gone obviously wrong.

Activity ... of sorts
I had lunch today with Randy. He is a life saver. He has a Windows 2000 disk and will help me repair the missing files on my machine. He also has experience with wireless LAN ... a hot topic of interest for me. I can't do anything about having a wireless LAN at the moment, but I think there is one in my future - someday.

The weather today is very good for January. I don't want to jinx things by calling this a mild winter, but I am well pleased with the lack of snow so far. I hope this mildness doesn't make for a late spring.

Doggy News
Jirel has been running in and out approximately ten thousand times a day since she got it into her head it was allowed. Nickkie, on the other hand, will use the doggy door only if someone holds it open for her. *sigh*

I'm beginning my mission tomorrow. I'll see my shrinkologist at 14:00. Before that time I must visit the medical records departments of St. Mary's Hospital and JCMG. After my shrinking I'll head out to the place that does MRIs. At each of these places I have to request copies of all my MRIs, CAT, and PET scans. I have to request copies of all of the above. My new neurologist requires them. I suspect that the heap of films will weigh in excess of 100 pounds and will require a dolly of some sort to move. I have film from office visits and ER situations dating back to around 1972. I cannot conceive that films more than a couple of years old will be of any use but they have requested everything. I'm going to call the neurologist's office and ask them if they are serious. The new neurologist is in Columbia, some thirty miles away. I hope that something good will come of the trek.

I have been putting lots of words on paper. Hmmm ... well actually, I suppose I've been flipping bits or whatever one does when there is no paper involved. OK, I've been writing. Nothing creative, nothing poetic, not even story ideas. At least I'm typing words in a row.

My sister and I made chili today as a joint effort. It seems to be a rousing success. I am looking forward to dinner this evening. Sis pointed out that no matter how often she does the dishes I keep dirtying more. I pointed out that no matter how often and how frequently I do the dishes she keeps dirtying them. This led to a solution... we are just going to lay dirty dishes on the kitchen floor and let the dogs lick them clean. I must remember to see that the other members of our household, Mario and Kim, don't find out about this.

I spent some time on the phone with Becky last night. I haven't spoken much with her in the last couple of years. We had fun catching up. Her health is as poor as mine. She is still out of work after two years, and is really not up to working, but has lost her disability and must do something. Beck was the best "movie buddy" I ever had. <sigh>I miss our regular visits to the theatres in Miami and Seattle.</sigh>

Wee Hours Carpentry
Sometime after midnight I couldn't stand it any longer and removed the screen door from the back of the house. It is sprung and was squeaking incessantly. I could simply have closed it, I suppose. That would, however, have negated the installation of the doggy door. All praise to Black & Decker, maker of the electric multitool.

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