January 13th, 2004

nanowrimo 2010

My first update in a while

Karl News

This particular section is always lacking in drama. I've not been out much the last few days. It has been cold. The sun has been shining brightly and a couple of days were relatively pleasant. There has been little snow this season and I look forward with considerable for the white stuff that I know is waiting for me.

Phone and Internet Financial

My income seems to be diminishing. I haven't found out precisely why, but there it goes.

I am trying to sort out my expenses and cut wherever possible. I am most likely going to lose my internet connection for at least a short time in the next couple of weeks. If I can figure out a way to cut back I will make some changes and try not to live in a completely abject fashion.

I really want to keep cable television as the local channels are largely a waste of time and very poor quality through an antenna.

I'm going to try and keep either cable or DSL internet, but will probably have to go to a dial-up. The options are pretty varied and I'm having trouble making a decision.

Local phone service is even a problem. I've cut back every feature that I can. Even that enters into my internet issues, however as if I get DSL the base price goes up.

Long Distance shopping has produced two flat rate plans. Both are better than what I have now. I just have trouble selecting among them.

Monthly Amount Service
$24.00 Sprint Local Phone
$35.00 Minimum DSL Phone Service
$17.00 AT&T Worldnet Companion Dial-up Internet
$20.00 Sprint Dial-up Internet
$40.00 Sprint DSL Internet
$30.00 AT&T Long Distance One Rate (unlimited)
$24.00 Sprint Unlimited Long Distance
$55.00 Mediacom Cable TV
$63.00 Satellite Cable (not actually available)

Bills are piling up in various ways. Almost everything is behind. I am hoping my next paycheck, the first normal-sized one in a while will catch me up some. If I am out of phone or internet contact, it will be renewed eventually.

I hate the idea of doing without cable and internet altogether. It seems entirely to abject, but I don't guess it would be the end of the world. Even if I lose Cable TV, I can probably afford a dial-up internet connection.

Health Issues

Things have changed little. I have more physical therapy sessions coming up to work on my arthritic shoulder, knee and hip. I don't know if I will be able to do that, though as my insurance is unlikely to cover them.

I am supposed to start on a new medication. Amaryl will replace Avandia in my pharmacy. I haven't been able to fill that prescription or a couple of others for simple lack of funds.

I am having worse seizures than usual. My sister has finally seen one of the bad ones. She describes it as "petit mal". I suppose it is as accurate an assessment as a layman can give. I am off the lamictal at the moment, haven't been able to renew the prescription. I need to get back to it.

Sometime before 2 Feb, I need to go to the local medical records departments and get copies of all my MRIs, CAT scans, PET scans, EEGs and what have you. I expect it will be a raging pain in the ass.

I missed my appointment with my shrinkologist this week. I had no ride and was unwilling to pay cab fare. I don't really enjoy my sessions, but I am more unhappy when I miss them than when I don't.

Doggy News


The puppies have a new doggy door. Mario put it in for me yesterday and Jirel is getting the hang of it. Nickkie has still not come to terms with the process but will get it eventually, I think.

Nickkie (my sister's papillion) needs to visit the vet for a variety of things. She must have shots. She needs her nails trimmed. She has a mole on her back that is getting bigger and bigger... time to have that trimmed away.

Jirel, too, must see the vet soon. She was due for shots in September. She needs her nails trimmed.

Jirel has been very well behaved in all important ways lately. She has been restless as I have not walked her as often as I should.

A soft-ball sized tennis ball seems to be Jirel's favorite toy these days. It was a gift from Mario and Kim. Jirel likes it because it scoots away from her when she tries to pick it up. She can hold it in her mouth but it gets away often enough that she has fun with it. She has chewed a hole in one such ball since Christmas, so I opened another. The flat one is still her favorite, though. Despite that it does not roll, she would rather chase that one because she can chew on it.

Another favorite toy is a dinosaur-sized bone that she received for Christmas. She has chewed it down to about six inches long. Should Jirel be abandoned in the house after some sort of apocalyptic attack, I have ne fear she should be trapped and starved. She could simply gnaw through the house and get out. I guess the new doggy door obviates that concern anyway.

Family News


There is nothing new going on of which I am aware. John has a court date coming up in the next thirty days or so. The house is now fully in his possession. All the odds and ends are out of there and he seems to be living simply. That's a good thing. I wish him well, but I don't know what else I can do for him these days.


Janet is not doing well the last few days. She has been very depressed. She has been fighting a cold for weeks. She sleeps much too much, but I am inclined to think that is a temporary thing. She has been running in high gear, been very stressed, for so long that I think she is having a brief "collapse" to just recover and get her equilibrium. I try to help as I can and not to demand much of her. I hope I am succeeding.


Mario is doing well. He brought me some rent money after Christmas and has helped out around the house a lot. He cleaned the gutters earlier in the year. He installed my doggy door yesterday. He and his significant other, Kim, have both run me to the grocery or on errands several times. Mario has become the supplier of bread for the house. He always shows up with a loaf whenever asked. It is an odd thing, don't you think.

Mario has done a fair amount of cooking on weekends of late. He cooks bacon and whatnot for breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings. He often fixes dinner Saturday night. Usually, if his sons - Kris and Eric - are here, Mario cooks up a storm.

I see little of Eric on his twice monthly visits, but Kris and I talk a little. I am not sure of their ages, but I am pretty sure Kris is not yet sixteen because he does not have a driver license. He seems very adult.

On their weekend visits Eric spends most of his time in front of the playstation he got for Christmas. Kris sits at my computer and plays Age of Empires interminably. He is getting good at it.


I'm out of touch with my cousin Gayle and her mother Muriel. I miss them often. Muriel was a regular visitor when my mother was alive. She and her cousin Nola used to visit often and bring my other aunt Leona. I should call all of them much more often.