January 6th, 2004

nanowrimo 2010

Today has been a difficult day.


Things have been stressful. I can't honestly claim to have worked hard nor to have had my "free time" impacted heavily, but it is, nevertheless, a difficult and stressful day.

My day

My dog woke me early after a short night of odd dreams. It was about five o'clock. I noticed today that a new member joined baddreams so I may post one or more of my dreams there today.

The day went downhill after the early awakening. My sis had to take a friend of hers to a court appearance. That meant she would be gone all day, and she is in fact still away. A friend of hers called from the place where my sis was supposed to be. It appears things were not as she told me. I don't know where she's been all day but I know it involves her court-bound friend. In the course of the day I've had half a dozen calls from sis & friends, most centering around having me pay the friends phone bill so they can receive calls instead of me. A deposit was made to my account today to cover my payment of the $115 phone bill. I'm not happy being the central point for calling bail bondsmen and coordination of various activities between felons, alleged felons, assorted debtors, creditors and others. Eventually someone is going to notice all the activity on my phone (if they haven't already) and call it "aiding and abetting".

I've also been fielding calls from my hellish insurance company UnumProvident. I've had calls from my boss about getting my Long Term Disability (LTD) underway. I was unable to communicate meaningfully with UnumProvident (hearafter: The minions of hell) on how to begin my LTD, to switch from Short Term Disability (STD) to LTD, to reach someone to begin the process, or to explain the process. Someone named Donna basically explained the process as having me stand back and do nothing while they decided how and when to make the determination. She also seemed to think that it was a matter of course that the determination would not be made until after my STD had run out. She attempted to assuage my dissatisfaction by assuring me that pay was retroactive. Insert dramatic heavy sigh at this point.

Other annoying phone calls occurred throughout the day.

Bitch du jour

The weather here sucks. It has been very cold outside all day. The weather inside has been borderline chilly. The furnace is running continuously and keeping the house at about 68° <sigh>regardless of how I set the thermostat</sigh>.

Puppy News

My lovable puppy Jirel has been making me insane of late. I simply have to find a way to get a dog door installed. Jirel is making me crazy letting her out for thirty second stints - many such.

I want to sleep. It won't happen.