December 21st, 2003

nanowrimo 2010

Boring Boring Boring

Karl News

General News

Honestly, I've got little to report. I took an abortive stab at writing a short story. It was LOTR-inspired, of course. I called it "Children of Honec" and basically posited the fate of the half-elven who might have survived into modern times. It was a miserable flop. I utterly lack the enthusiam or attention span required to write.

I lack utterly any Christmas spirit as well. C'est la saison, I suppose. I've been hanging out in the walkers in darkness chat room. In some ways it is a real downer, but it is also very nice to hang with people of a similar bent.

Days are getting harder for me to get through lately. I am becoming sort of fragmented and slug-like. There's an image, fragmented slug. Ick. I am not dealing well with day-to-day stuff. I need to get organized somehow.

Family News

My sister is home now. She seems back to her normal self, but is having a hideous bout of the flu. She has been in bed for three days and is not getting much better. I sleep almost as much as she does. I'm fighting off the same flu. I've been taking echinacea and vitamin C since her first sniffle. Maybe, just maybe, I won't get the full two-week version.

Medical News

More of the same seems to be the theme of late. I have seen Dr. Diesel, Dr. Kushball, and my physical therapist the Jason Twins in the last two weeks. Dr. Diesel changed me from avandia to amaryl for diabetes. Big deal. He also reduced me from 30mg remeron to 15mg. Again, big deal. I went in asking for some big changes, a little rethink and basically, I'm doing more of the same. "See me in 90 days." *sigh*

Dr. Kushball, responded to my report that 90 days on lamictal had affected my siezures in no perceptable way by renewing my prescription for lamictal at the same dose and saying "see me in 90 days." I asked Dr. Diesel for a referral to a new neurologist. He got me on that I can see in February - 90 days from now.

What fucking piece of shit HMO has indicated that 90 days is the preferred interval for office visits? Do you need three guesses? Are their initials UnumProvident?

Puppy News

Jirel and Nickki have accomodated one another well. Jirel is still very jealous of any attention Nickki gets but she is doing better. They are picking up bad habits from one another. Jirel has noticed that when Niccki goes to the back door, I get up and let her out. Jirel goes to the back door and when I get up bolts to the "snackie spot" or the "play spot" and waits. Nickki has picked up this bad habit from Jirel too. She now goes to the back door for reasons other than going 'potty'.

Mario and Kim have decorated our xmas tree with a number of presents. They are hanging up high on the tree to keep the dogs from opening them before xmas. They are all doggie presents.