October 26th, 2003

nanowrimo 2010

News of Karl

Catching up

Sadly, I have little news since my last report. I've done nothing, been nowhere, seen nobody. Lots of things seem to be happening around me but don't seem to involve me very directly.


I've been missing my shrinkologist appointments. Out of sheer funk mostly. I made it this Friday but the process of getting there on the bus was painful in the extreme. I had a seizure on - the bus, my first one in public other than the ones I had at work - which, somehow, seems not "public". The driver had no idea what to do and I managed to persuade him to take me home instead of the emergency room.


questor411 has been trying to get me interested in Star Wars Galaxies. I think it is a cool game but I am not sure I can afford an online game right now. We keep trying to meet to create a character for me - we've been trying for a week - and have yet to succeed. I will meet him - without fail - next week.

The Great Escape

Two prisoners escaped from the state prison which is about five miles from my home. Both were confined for murder. They killed a fellow inmate and left a sinister note to the effect that they would kill anyone who got in their way. It has been the official stance of the prison authorities that they were still inside the prison but hiding. Unofficially, the guard community thinks that one of the two unaccounted for prisoners is outside, having escaped in a guard uniform and that the other was probably killed and hidden somewhere. Nobody has reported seeing any of them since they escaped from the ice plant where they were working inside the prison grounds.

Sister News

My sister is moving out of the house in Feursville. She is storing a good many of her possesions here. That is not a problem in any way, as this house has tremendous amounts of storage available.

My sister wrecked her car, my old explorer. She was not hurt and the vehicle is still driveable. That is a great relief. It will cost a lot to get the air bags reset and the wheels aligned and such. I doubt that the scratches to the body will be repaired.

Advent of the Roomie

Mario and Kim are here now. Mario is officially the roomie who will occupy my basement but Kim and her seven-year-old daughter Cheyenne are here a lot. Mario and Kim are both corrections officer, so I have been getting all the inside data on the escape at the prison. Cheyenne and Jirel get along well and have equally boundless amounts of energy.

Puppy News

Jirel is well, healthy, and exhausting. She is due for a visit to the vet this month, for follow-up shots and flea treatments. That may or may not happen, I just don't have the bucks. She is also due at the pet store to have a thorough bath and a nail trim. That also may go by the wayside. I bathe Jirel every week, but I don't do as thorough a job as the Petco crowd. I absolutely can't trim her nails. Perhaps the vet will do them for me if I get her there before I get her to petco.


I think my neighbors are sending me a message. Someone stole my cable and spike from the front yard. It was a foot-long spike and 20' cable that I tied Jirel to in the mornings. She really likes the front yard where she can see all the passing vehicles and bark at the chipmunks and squirrels and those nasty hopping birds that keep intruding on her yard. I usually let her out the front first thing in the morning and she does bark. I think it must have annoyed a neighbor.

Obedience Training

I've been going every week to obedience training at Petco. I am now much better trained than Jirel. I am rapidly learning the circumstances under which I will be allowed to say "sit" in a commanding tone and be regarded with other than complete contempt or haughty amusement. On those occasions, Jirel deigns to sit, lay down, and - very occasionally - stay.

The course continues for another five weekends. I hope that I can get her certified a "good canine citizen". This is an AKC certificate that states she won't jump on strangers or attack other dogs... etc. It might be enough to get her on the bus with me.

The Poem (unfinished fragment)

Out of Sight

Unconfined but out of sight I burst forth into the light
I flee the place where I had been and strive utmost to be unseen

Travel by night and under cover I hide from friends and any other
Eating all my meals alone, seated on a chair of stone.

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