October 7th, 2003


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I've been sick for a few days. I'm feeling a little better now. I went to the emergency room yesterday with my eye. They found no problem, but washed it out thoroughly and it feels a lot better today. I am so fucking tired of being examined by doctors who find nothing at all wrong with me until things have reached an extreme level. Shit, I had about a hundred seizures before they conceded that it showed on the MRIs. I have to wonder if everybody gets this treatment or if I am somehow being singled out?

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having a rough night

I've been in the depression chat room for a couple of hours but it doesn't seem to help. I can't just seem to function tonight. I am going to go to bed and hope I can sleep. It's times like this I wish I had some knockout pills. <sigh>but I'm not really allowed to have 'em around anymore</sigh>

G'night all.