March 20th, 2003

nanowrimo 2010

Hopes for a new day ... this one hasn't started well.

The war interrupted my last post. That doesn't happen all the time. I'm not going to rant about the war. Everyone else is covering that for me.

I got almost angry at a post I read this morning. Some guy was going on about how this war wasn't about freedom because the only one who had ever restricted his freedom was the U.S. government. I suppose if some relation of his had died in Desert Storm the war would then be OK. One simply cannot personalize something like this war. I think, I, think that it had to happen to keep us free of more attacks like the September 2k1 terror attack. I feel my freedom is being restricted, yes - by the U.S. government among others - as a result of that attack. Iraq is a terrorist state with a dictator in charge who has killed tens of thousands for political reasons. He threatens the entire middle east directly and the U.S. (whom he has chosen as an enemy) less directly. Someone wrote "How can killing thousands be right?" How can waiting for him to kill thousands more be right?

Enough, I said I wasn't going to rant.

I'm hoping for a better day today. I am so tired of accomplishing nothing all day long.

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nanowrimo 2010


It occurs to me that Baghdad is one of the oldest continuously occupied cities on the planet. It has a history that goes back to the beginning of recorded history. THe archaeological sites that may be damaged in the bombing represent a tremendous potential loss. *sigh*
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