Karl (louderback) wrote,

blah blah blah

I have not much to report from my end of the world.

I saw my neurologist Monday last. He continued my medicine at the current dosage and ordered a blood test and EEG. I was hoping for something more aggressive as this medicine has had no effect on my seizures.

Everyone I know is getting married or is pregnant. Of course, I suppose the one often leads to the other. Joe & Lisa are getting married in February. lutron is affianced. Jim & Christina are pregnant due in February.

My sister living with me has worked out reasonably. She is very stressed these days but seems to be getting back to normal. Mario & Kim are doing well living in the basement. I have lots of people around now who can give me a ride so I am not using Handi-Wheels much. That is in some respects a great relief. The service was getting slow anyway. I do miss the contacts with the people on the bus and the drivers as well.

Got my ticket today for Return of the King. I'll be attending a midnight showing the first day it is available here -- next Wednesday, I think.

Kim gave me a "thumbs up" review of Gothika tonight. I think I will go see that if I possibly can.

This is boring me intensely. I apologize to my readers, it must be worse for you.


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