August 27th, 2002

nanowrimo 2010

"I'm sorry, but you've been disconnected . . ."

Today was a day of disconnects.I wanted to take a vegetable platter to Alphapointe and discovered that I had no salad dressing of any sort. I'll take it another time. I did take a pound of Kona to use in the coffee pot. Now that there is another coffee drinker I figured it would be worthwhile. Previously, I didn't want to make coffee just for myself. Making coffee was a disaster. I cleaned the pot and made coffee. It had floating blue globules of gack in it. I hate the fact that I thought I had cleaned the pot and hadn't. I ran several pots of water through the thing. It takes about fifteen minutes to drip through. It may just be an old pot, but my own usually makes coffee in less than five. I'll try to make coffee again tomorrow.

Jim left an assignment for me to work on, creating JAWS scripts. I suppose that went well, but I felt a major disconnect there too. Just me, that one. I wrote a script and it worked. It felt like busy work. Learning to write JAWS scripts is something I'm going to do, going to have to do, I imagine. This doesn't feel right to be working on it at Alphapointe, somehow. As I say, disconnect. Just me, though, I think.

Working with Dr. Ron felt disconnected today. Maybe it's short-timer syndrome. Dr. Ron asked me some question today - I don't remember it - that was that sort of "what do you want me to do now?" self-absolving kind of thing - like the vibe you get from your boss after he's made the decision to fire you. I've only got about three sessions with him left, time to disconnect, I suppose.

Hmmm. Interesting. On a day of disconnects, I've had one of the most connected of conversations. I've just hung up with His Edness. We had a lengthy conversation on a variety of topics. We were vastly connected. . . on the same wavelength, whatever you call it. Funny, though, no matter how many times we solve the world's problems, the world's problems never go away. Our conversation was the sort that often takes place in a bar over a multitude of beers. Perhaps the effectiveness of our solutions was compromised by the paucity of beer.

<shrieking>I missed the season finale of Witchblade!</shrieking>

I watched the 22:00 repeat of Witchblade's season finale. I guess it didn't really require any shrieking. I didn't much like the final episode. It reminded me of the more "mystical" episodes of the original Kung Fu series. I felt like the writers felt a need to do something dramatic and couldn't think of anything less nebulous.

On the subject of "drama," is anyone else out there sick of TNT proving that it doesn't know drama by its constant proclamation that it does? I mean, the drama of Nascar? Maybe. The drama of golf? I don't think so. What's next, the drama of bass fishing?

Shaojun and I went to Crown Center and wandered about a bit. I snagged a menu from a Japanese restaurant called Kabuki. Every time I go walking about I become more convinced that death awaits me on the streets. Listening for traffic as a method of determining when it is safe to cross the street is just stupid. It may be the accepted method and all, but I am convinced that one day I'll be in the middle of a lane and be run down by some quiet, anti-gravity steam/electric hybrid hovercar. Or by a bicycle. Something silent, whatever.

On that cheerful note... l8r.

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nanowrimo 2010


My head hurts! Hurts! Hurts!

I am having a bad day all around. The afternoon beckons. *sigh*

Working on Jim's project. I've been unable to determine from the website whether or not Freedom Scientific's Braille Blazer handles screen dumps under Attachmate's Extra! terminal emulator. I need to know how it does screen dumps at all, does it preserve formatting, columns and indentation, and whether it prints in level-1 braille. I wonder what translation software (if any) is used? Anybody out there got a clue?
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