March 11th, 2002

nanowrimo 2010

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

The Bard is a dreary companion. All those tragedies, all those dreary murders. The comedies hardly make up for them.

Back at work this week with a week ahead of me.


It looks to be a trail. My very existence has become a bit Kafka-esque.

Off to Dr. Slant this evening. I must arrange transportation of some sort.

nanowrimo 2010

The Louderback Lunch Report ...

Of late I have been reading of endings. It seems appropriate. Fritz Leiber's The Wanderer was an unusual experience for me. It was old-fashioned (1964) in its attitudes about non-science-fiction fans and rather plaintive in its assertions of the rights of those who read science fiction. It recalls to me those years when there was a substantial onus attached not so much to reading science fiction as to talking to anyone about the fact. Such enmity would be welcome these days. It was faceless but not formless. These days my life is afflicted with formless enmity.

I am having an unusually hard time dealing with work. I haven't a lot to do and that little unimportant. There is not a lot I can do until such time as I get a screen reader and some software. Mostly I am reading documents and writing a few paragraphs. Reading is hard on me. It is the one thing I can no longer do well in any fashion. They gave me a 20k document to read. It took me all of last week. It cost me headaches and a good deal of self-respect. I am really not capable of reading even a couple of hundred words a minute on a word-by-word basis and attaining any comprehension of what I read. I went through the document several times. I scanned I tried to pick out the sense of the whole thing. It is sad to say, but I think that I've actually read perhaps 4k words of the 20k and that I could explain the whole subject of the paper only in the most vague of terms.

Lunch today was half a roast beef sub purchased at Subway on Saturday. I'll have the other half tomorrow or Wednesday. I may go out to lunch tomorrow. We shall see.

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