January 30th, 2002

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I just got off the phone with His Edness. He sent me an e-mail today with a list of why terrorists are willing to commit suicide. It was one of those funny things that isn't funny if you take it seriously. It got me to wondering how people (any individual, much less an entire social group) get to the point where a suicide bomb in the middle of a crowd seems like a good idea.

Today was a generally crappy day. The Home Health nurse is now visiting three days a week to help my mother take care of herself. That is a considerable relief but a major disruption too. My mother's health and her erratic (even by my eccentric standards) sleeping habits are devastating the household. My sister was up with my mother all night last night and had to come home from work early to get a little sleep. Why didn't they wake me up? - I'm too fragile. They didn't put it that way, but that is what they meant. This place is positively unhealthy these days.

I'm in big-time job hunting mode. I don't know what is going to happen with work but I don't think I'm going to have health-care much longer. I need to get all my stock and matching funds and stuff into my own hands before I become an non-employee. Back in '99 I was told that even if I left the company I still owned that stuff and could manipulate it. They lied. About two weeks after I changed jobs I called fidelity and they're whole take on the matter was "Who are you? If you aren't an employee anymore we can't help you."

RSB is going to get me a computer and some training so I will be able to teach the blind adaptive software. Hopefully as a career at RSB.