January 11th, 2002

nanowrimo 2010

Table of Common Interests: Starting a new LJ fad

Q: What do ghosts drive?
Ok, here's the latest trend: The table of common interests.

Trying to find out why people add me to their friends list I examined my "Friend Of" list (I didn't use my "Friends" list, I know why I marked them friends). Below is a table indicating the interests I have in common with the individuals listed. Note the number of people who have put me in their friends list though we have no (stated) interests in common. The phenomenon interests me. Mostly those with zeros marked me in response to my joining a group such as no_pity. Others are simply a mystery.

LJ User #Common Interests
athelstan 3 Linux Programming Seattle
azhrarn 7 Books E-Books Poetry Science-Fiction Tom Waits Writers Writing
beastofexmoor 1 Linux
geekgrrl 7 Books Computers Cooking Fantasy Reading Science-Fiction Writing
godzilladc 1 Books
greenwood 0
hate 0
kynn 6 Age of Empires Disabilities HTML Reading Teaching Writing
lutron 1 Reading
mizzfagina 0
nihilstech 0
nuniabiz 5 Badvogato Books Computers Linux Writing
price 0
questor411 0
ringbark 2 Age of Empires Badvogato
shatterer 0
sirlance 0
soulcatcher 0
t1 1 Computers
vjd 1 Computers
xandyx 1 Books on Tape
</p> Also interesting to me is that given the individual in question I can not recall many (in most cases not any) instances of discussing a common interest with that person.

A: Booicks.
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nanowrimo 2010

Nobody Home..

Q: Why is it you never see a mummy on vacation?

I dreamed last night. I slept nearly six hours straight, very rare for me. I was restless the rest of the night, and dreamed quite a lot during that time, waking often.

Of last night's plethora of dreams I have recorded only 1.

Today has the feel of a long day ahead. I just found out that HR phoned me yesterday. I'm calling back, but nobody is home there. While on the line to Tampa anyway, I tried to reach Bob and then to reach Jim. Neither was home. Perhaps Tampa is closed today …

A: Once they've relaxed, they unwind.
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