January 7th, 2002

nanowrimo 2010


Q: What is a Yankee?

I feel like writing today but just can't get started. Maybe I'll get going a little better in the evening. Writing is becoming as much a chore as a pleasure.

Today started badly. I couldn't find anything that I could prepare for breakfast. I wound up putting a slice of cheese on top of some half-sized hotdogs I found in the fridge and microwaving that for breakfast.

This was followed by a call from Doctor Stilton's office telling me that they couldn't fill out my forms. I called Met life (generator of the forms) and my HR rep and eventually they called back and said do it anyway. Fill out the front and the diagnosis part and send the test results. That will have to do. Dr. Stilton's office was less than enthusiastic but "C'est la vie."

I was amazed to learn that the cover letter from Met life did not actually contain a phone number to contact them in case of problems. It did have an 800 number. This lead me to a push-a-button loop that never gave me the option of talking to someone and which provided no opportunity to even leave a message stating that I was having a problem. I eventually short-circuited it by pressing # and 0 repeatedly and breaking through to the error routine. From there I had to say I was returning a call in order to get connected to my case representative. Even then I was only allowed to leave a message, not actually talk to her. To her credit she called me back within the hour. Thanks, Nancy!

I detest bureaucracy to a degree that it is impossible for me to put into words. It is actually at the point of manifesting as a physical pain (headache) when I realize that I'm going to have to call one of these large organizations. Even my own company! This should not be this stressful.

A: It's the same as a quickie, but guys can do it alone.
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