January 6th, 2002

nanowrimo 2010

Not fully formed, I don't remember what it was about.

I had other dreams last night but this is the only one I'm going to record. The others are all getting a similarity to them. This one was very upsetting.

This is almost unremembered, but I was lying in my recliner, still fully dressed, not really intending to sleep. I nodded off and without actually sleeping (so I thought) dozed for a few minutes.

I woke suddenly with a start, mouth dry, going, softly, "Hee…" "Hee…" incomplete articulation of "Help!" It was done without fear or any particular sense of distress, just calling out.

The sound of my own voice woke me. My mouth was very dry and I remember thinking of Mason Verger from the movie Hannibal.
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