November 27th, 2001

nanowrimo 2010

These are just the highlights... honest! I made LOTS more calls than this today.

If you've phoned — Yes, my phone has been busy for over eight hours.

  • Phoned Rehab Services for the Blind (RSB)
  • Phoned HR rep at work(HR)
  • Phoned Independent Living Center Benefits Representative(ILC)
  • Answered e-mail from HR at work
  • Phoned RSB re: information for HR
  • Called Doctor Jujube to order a nebulizer for my Mom.
  • Called pharmacy to see if they could deliver nebulizer or if I had to pick it up.
  • Phoned Doctor Jujube to find out if this was going to cost me of if Medicare paid for the nebulizer.
  • Phoned CORE (short term disability) folks to find out if they had "flagged" my claim and just what "flagged" meant.
  • Phoned Voice Response Benefits system — an 800 number — to try and apply for Long Term Disability (LTD 800). Could not break through to a human and eventually was kicked off the system for being in over-long (over 45 minutes).
  • Phoned ILC and reached a person! She could not, of course, actually help me but advised that I apply for LTD and gave me the Social Security Administration (SSA) number.
  • Phoned RSB this time to talk to the boss and set up a "strategy" meeting. To try and figure out how to get me back to work or on disability, whatever.
  • RSB called me. They faxed recommendations for "accomodations" to HR.
  • Called CORE and got a number at Met Life.
  • Called Met Life. Was referred to the LTD 800 number. Eventually got the number of a human from Met Life only to be told that they couldn't handle my claim. Back to the LTD 800 number again.
  • Called the SSA to start a disability claim. They will call me back on Friday. Sheesh!
  • RSB boss phoned me. Agrees that this is all pretty deep stuff and will attend my "strategy" meeting tomorrow.
  • Phoned JEFFTRAN the local bus service to set up a home service called Handi-Wheels. They will mail me an application.
  • HR phoned me. The fax came through but my HR rep is leaving the company Thursday. She gave me a new number to talk to in Tampa (Tampa HR). Hoo Boy!
  • Called Tampa HR. They had already gone home for the day.
  • Phoned my sister to arrange transportation for tomorrow.

I then went seeking a pistol. I couldn't find one, so I bashed my skull with the telephone for ten minutes. It was ineffective … probably because it so closely resembled what I've been doing all day.
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