November 26th, 2001

nanowrimo 2010

Arrrgh! They've committed phlebotomy

Once again I have been an accomplice.

I saw doctor Canasta's nurse this morning and she committed phlebotomy. I'm getting tired of giving blood. This blood is for testing various hormone levels in and out of the brain. *sigh*

I also met with — for the first time — Doctor Beeperman who specializes in radiology and related things. He has recommended that I not irradiate my brain. I heartily concur. He is contacting some friends at John's Hopkins to see if he can stir up some interest in my case. *sigh*

Work called today. I was out, of course. I hope I can get something going with them to get me back into the office. Can you work while applying for disability? Wouldn't that sort of disprove your case?

I heard a comic deliver a good line during a commercial today. It's probably old news but I thought it was funny. "Let's face it, a date is just a job interview that lasts all night." Gods! I have known that feeling. I hate dating a woman only to learn that she has a list of specifications. I'd rather gnaw my arm off before the date.

I am supposed to see Doctor Slant for the first time in over a month tomorrow. Guess I'll unload on him big time.
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