November 18th, 2001

nanowrimo 2010

If you were a horrible affliction...

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<img src="" title="I am Plague. Got Me?"><br \><BR><a href="">Take the Affliction Test Today!</a><P>Of course, I just realized, this presupposes that I am not <i>already</i> a horrible affliction.
nanowrimo 2010

No plans

    I checked and it was different. Is this some trick arranged by you and LuTron?

Leonid. What a bust. I did get to see one meteor, for sure. I guess I should be lucky that I saw that one. It was extremely bright. I am told that others were falling, but I couldn't see them. Sometimes I amaze myself. Yeah, right, the blind guy is disappointed that he only saw one meteorite.

Saturday was a houseful of octogenarians, my mother her sisters and a friend. Less than thrilling. Sunday was a houseful of nobody, but not really any better.

I have been dreaming, but I am not recording them. I'm just going to put the whole dream thing in hiatus for a while. I am getting no insights recording them and nobody else has any bright ideas either. My sleep has been as erratic as ever (I was up at 3:00 to see the meteor shower, didn't have to set an alarm or anything).

My health is way to fragile these days. I must figure some ways to get a little stronger. Going back to work will be a start. Every little thing hits me hard, though. The humidity change that accompanied the rain today have me a headache that was just barely short of disabling. I really dislike the idea but I may have to have that horrendous sinus surgery doctors have been selling people on for years. I'm not sure what the benefits are. Everyone I know who has had the surgery says it doesn't make a lot of difference. I note also that every one of them has a tendency to hack up gobs of phlegm the size of hamsters at least once a day. I have all the sinus problems, shouldn't I be allowed to phlegm at people?

I have to go to the bookstore. My special order is in. I ordered a copy of Hoppé's The Yearning as a gift for my cousin.
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