July 24th, 2001

nanowrimo 2010


Eventful night last night.

Dr. Slant called and cancelled. No biggie. I was set to whine anyway. Saw Dr. Jujube who set me up with a new doctor, a podiatrist Dr. Clamup. Dr. J. seemed more concerned with my feet than other symptoms. I must lambaste him next time I see him and not let him distract me from my complaints. The whole household seemed exhausted last night and all of us turned in before 21:30. I was asleep by 20:00 or not much after.

My computer woke me around midnight with a series of beeps. I thought we had had a power flux but it turned out it was the cable modem going berserk. Everything was working so I assumed some transient downtime or such.

I got online with NuniaBiz and LuTron, individually then in a group chat. After Nunia left the chat LuTron and I continued by phone. I hung up with him about 2:00 and went to do the usual morning bathroom stuff — dispense and then refill the water supply in my bladder. The first went well, the latter… well, there was no water.

I woke my sister to check the basement — no point in me blundering around down there. I might step in water but I wouldn't see it. She checked. No problems. But, no water. She looked outside and there was a fountain in the neighbor's (downhill neighbor) yard. A main broke. A quick call to the water department and everyone went back to bed.

They dug an enormous hole in the neighbor's front yard (the neighbor's basement must have flooded) but did not somehow wake me in the process. At shower time there was no water but it was restored by the time I had to leave for work.

All in all, it could have been worse.

I'm very tired today. Today will be a long day for me (back to my 4/10 schedule as nearly as possible). I have no Dr. appointment today and no other obligations. I will be here until 17:00 or 18:00.

I owe! I owe!
It's off to work I go
A long, long day
will earn my pay!
I owe! I owe! I owe....

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