July 15th, 2001

nanowrimo 2010

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Slow day so far. Chatted with the Mighty Ed, haven't been online much. I'm trying furiously to write but find myself discarding practically everything I've written. Just not to be, I suppose.
nanowrimo 2010

(no subject)

It was hot today. Not hot enough to force me to turn on the air, not cool enough to be comfortable. Drat.

No nap today, though I wanted one badly. Re-organized the chest freezer instead. No, that's not where I keep the frozen torsos, it's a "deep freeze". I am really tired today but can't justify it at all. I am tired like this nearly every day. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me..

My eyes haven't changed much for a few days. I am getting better at doing some things, dealing with glare, etc. Some things are getting harder.

  • Cooking isn't coming out at all well.
      I burn things (not food, utensils)
    • I open the wrong cans
    • I pour things all over the counter and the floor.
    • Come to think of it things haven't changed all that much.
  • I managed to do some laundry. Had to have the dryer controls set for me, though.
  • I vacuumed the floors. That was an incredibly petty success. I don't know if the floors really look any better, but I am pretty sure I vacuumed everything.
  • Computer stuff is getting harder/easier


    • Reading web pages.
    • Reading most anything.
    • Writing without tons of typos - it seems like without visual feedback my typing is getting both slower and much less accurate.
    • Writing is getting bad. My handwriting has always been nearly as bad as a doctor's. People say I have achieved a doctor-level degree of illegibility.
    • Cleaning things is becoming a bit futile.


    • Using the screen reader. I have learned how to read individual paragraphs fairly quickly. Hyphenated words cause the bloody thing to puke, though.
    • Filling glasses and coffee cups has become easier. Even without contrast, I can usually fail to over-fill.
    • Showering and such has become easier since I stopped turning on the bathroom light. Without the glare I do quite well.
    • Remembering what the screen reader has read to me. My retention for spoken words has improved a little over the last few days.
Just an observation but my memory is retraining itself well. I was always good at that.

Some things I need to figure out include, how to manage my phone numbers. I can't really use the methods I currently employ. Right now most all of my phone numbers are either in lotus notes address book at work or Outlook's adress book at home. The screen reader doesn't read either of them well. Things which are highly compartmented, in tables or forms, for instance, don't get read well.

I also need to figure out how to tell when food is done while I'm cooking. I fried some venison today to make chili, but had to have the meat checked to insure it was completely cooked.

I need to find some medium in which I can make notes of some sort and read them back. I think I'll spend a lot of time working in Word or something very standard which the screen reader can handle. That means some very careful planning for an intuitive doc structure.

Lots to do, I guess.

One last bitch. I've read a paperback a week for thirty years or so. giving that up is considerably harder than not driving anymore.

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