June 21st, 2001

nanowrimo 2010


I haven't had a chance to post much today.

Dr H. was a bust. He seems very competent but he had no more of a clue as to what has happened to my vision than the others. I hope I can get some recommendations from the Rehab Center.

I am using a product from gwmicro called windows-eyes that reads my screen to me. It is cool, but the demo has to be rebooted every 30 minutes. Really annoying. I am looking at another product from HJ.COM which is a direct competitor to Windows Eyes. Jim Wolf put me onto it, he can actually read a little better than me but I think I can see more detail than him. Not sure how I arrived at that conclusion, but that is the way it seems to fit.I'm hoping to rely on Jim for reality checks while going through this. He is so good at having a vision problem that lots of people don't know he has a problem at all. I want to do the same.

Got to go now. I'm groggy. problems all evening. My mother is having pains, can't sleep, I can't sleep but am very tired. Hours on the phone, irritating doctor. Everything has me a little down. Sleep and off to work in the morning that's the best thing.