June 18th, 2001

nanowrimo 2010

A late post due to outages

Early Morning

I went to work at 7:00 today. I'll be working 7:00 to 18:00 from now on.

That did not work well. I got my desktop resized and some changes made that might let me see some of the things I work on but some of the applications don't want to resize. NT 4.0 doesn't have a lot of accessibility features. I'll have to try and track down a magnifier or some such for that OS. I just called NT an OS! Gods, how far I have fallen. As I said, things did not go well. I got an intolerable headache and came home about 9:40. Too much time off. I'm getting job scared at this point.

I spent the evening chatting with LuTron, 'Zilla and da Biz. I crapped out pretty early. I guess I could have read the rest of the chat after I woke up, but I forgot to save it. Oh well. I suppose we'll chat again.

Lu is distressed. Wimmen trubble. What male ain't got 'em? It is most disheartening. I'm having problems of my own. Shigor left for distant lands a while back. She called over the weekend to let me know that her return would be delayed yet again and that she would be bringing home a husband. I'd really rather she had mentioned this sort of thing before she left. Oh well. Shigor, I know you read this. Nothing I say is intended as a rebuke. I just thought we were good enough friends you'd have trusted me to handle things.

I heard from almost all the boys yesterday. Don still isn't speaking, but that's no surprise. Joe is having a hard time of it in Seattle. He is between apartments, jobs and vehicles all at the same time. Major hassles. He'll manage. He always does.

I don't much want to write what follow, but I've got to put it down, I suppose. This is the way I solidify things this is "who I talk to". Nothing is real until you tell someone. I'm really OK with the situation but It just floored me.

I dropped and broke my coffee cup yesterday. Not a big deal at all. It was a favorite of mine. It had my son's picture on it. I can have another made, but it just irritated me to lose it. Worse still, I dropped it, stepped on it, and kicked the shards against one wall. Too clumsy for toleration. Just one incident in many. Not too long after that I went and had another cuppa while I lounged in the recliner. I put the cup down on the edge of the table and spilled it. I put it down wrong 'cause I couldn't see the table well. I got up to wipe up the spill and couldn't do a good job. My sister had to clean it up as I couldn't really see when the carpet was clean (see where this is going?). At one point she handed me my glasses to clean off and I just lost it. I couldn't clean 'em. How would I know if they were clean? I just really lost it. I don't cry easily but I blubbered like a lost soul down the chutes to Level Nine. I'm really OK, but the prospect that my vision might not come back bothers me no end.
Apropos of that, I still haven't heard back from Dr. Jujube about my brain scan. I presume they found one. I'm sitting here making myself nervous trying to reason out whether the delay in getting results means they found something or that they didn't. Of course, I then have to drop down another level and try to figure out which is worse news …

Been a rough time of late. If something or other would just explode, life would be easier. I can deal with explosions.

I've put this all under the heading of early morning, but I'm not reporting it until mid-afternoon. One other delightful thing... when I got home the Internet was unavailable. I called AT&T about it only to learn the State of Missouri was down. I started to say "Well, so what? I'm not at the State of Missouri (meaning I'm not a Missouri Government worker) when I realize he meant that the entire geographical State of Missouri was down. Oh. right. See what happens when you become completely provincial?

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nanowrimo 2010

Forgot to mention

Conversed briefly with the Wizard of Was. He phone me after I sent a note trying to get in touch. I talked for a while with him, but › idiot › forgot to get his phone number. Was is great for me to talk to. We have the same general range of experience, vocabularies within range of one another, and both are capable of words with more than two syllables. He complains of rustication taking place now that he is living "out on the farm" in Florida. I understand, but I'm going through the same thing here.

I'm glad he called. Every once in a while I need a conversation that never touches on tractor parts. I'm losing touch with a lot of people who have I.Q.s above room temperature. Gotta work on that.

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