June 17th, 2001

nanowrimo 2010

A restless night, like so many others

I wrapped things up around 22:00 last night but didn't actually manage sleep until almost 23:30. By 1:00 I was awake and rambling throughout the house in search of sleep. I woke again around 3:30 and 4:15. I finally got out of bee by 6:30 (late for me). All that just to tell you I had a number of dreams between times and don't remember a one, just a vague impression that I was dreaming.

Quite a lot of Saturday was spent online. I never do much time on AOL IM but yesterday made the exception. Mostly NuniaBiz and I chatted, but Evul Ed jumped in a couple of times as well as Godzilla. Conversation was occasionally icky.

today will be a day for writing. I have some liturae work to do and I must get the new SoulCatcher entry in place. Events have been skyrocketing where he is concerned and I'm more than a week behind in reporting them.

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nanowrimo 2010

Good to be writing.

I just finished kicking out about 5k words. Taking a quick break seems like a good idea. I am enjoying writing, but having a damned hard time typing accurately when I get no visual feedback for what I'm typing. The damned magnifier that comes with windows is a pain in the behind. It is acceptable for writing, but sux for reading. The necessity to scroll right and left on every line makes it very hard to read without getting nauseous. I wish the product would follow my keyboard cursor instead of the mouse cursor. That only works when entering data, however, not when reading. What dullard designed this POS?
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nanowrimo 2010

In full collapse mode

I have been chatting for a while. NuniaBiz and Lutron on one side, Evul Ed on the other. Taxing process.

I had a bad episode tonight I'm not ready to write about. Maybe in the morning. Gotta crash