June 14th, 2001

nanowrimo 2010

A busy day at the doctor

Three visits to doctors today. I hope some of them do some good.

I had to fast before my blood test at 7:00 this morning. Since I usually have breakfast at 5:30 that is a bit of a stretch. Always headachy and tired until I eat. Then I'm just tired.

I'm having to wear sunglasses inside again today. Watching TV or typing on the computer is a pain in the ass. Driving is out of the question.

I'm just gonna take my pills and try to kick back for a day. I really hate not being able to type very much.

NuniaBiz! Tell me 'bout your Great American Novel ...

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nanowrimo 2010

Home from the doctor and unhappy

Dr Jujube's take on my eyes was to send me to another ophthalmologist. Sensible I guess, but not satisfying. I don't suppose there's any reason to expect him to just fling the answers at me, but I was hoping.

The take on "I'm exhausted 100% of the time and don't sleep well" seemed to be "sleep better".

Now what? I still have both problems and don't seem to be doing much about it.

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