June 13th, 2001

nanowrimo 2010

Out again today

I'm having a bad day all round, today. I woke after sleeping badly with a headache. My eyes haven't adjusted properly yet and it's been hours. I will see Dr. Luke today about my eyes. I don't know what he could possibly tell me. He's just examined me.

I had an interesting dream but that's the only worthwhile thing about the night. I have completed serializing SoulCatcher's diaries. Now I will work on making them more sequential and coherent. This is an interesting writing experiment. Anyone interested in reading up on his adventures can do so best in calendar mode. I'd recommend starting at the beginning of the month and working forward. Older entries are a little ragged but will be improving as time goes on.

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nanowrimo 2010

There a re a lot of things ending in my life right now

Today has been a weird one. I'm sitting here in the dim light wearing sunglasses and everything is a blur.

I went to see Dr. Luke today. I don't think I'll go back to him. His answer to my problems with haloed vision and such was a prescription for glasses and "well, it's the best we can do". I'm not going to get glasses when the vision test was done with my eyes still dilated and left me with "20/30" vision that included the inability to face direct sunlight. I was incredibly angry when I left his office. Stupid me, I paid anyway.

Saw the nurse practitioner, Dr. Karen instead of waiting for Friday and Doc Aruba. She was very pleasant and pretty helpful. It seems that three of my medicines have vision distorting (possible) side effects. She consulted with Doc Aruba and they reduced those medications. I'd rather cut them out altogether. I suspect they may be part of the problem, but something more serious is going on. Nobodyis this exhausted allthe time.

Mahatma Bob phoned today. He and I will not get another chance to get together before he leaves. It's a damned shame, but considering my mood after our last meeting maybe it is just as well. I feel like I'vemoved on after a divorce or something. I'd hate to think of my wonderful friendships with the folks in Tampa fading, but I guess that is precisely the case. It feels like I'm losing my family. Most of the boys aren't very dependent on me for much and don't really need to consult me anymore. It was most flattering when they did. Sadly I'm now in a state where I'm not much help to 'em. Thank the gods they've never been the sort that needed money from Dad. These days I haven't got it anyway.

There a re a lot of things ending in my life right now. I just have to seek out some new things to begin.

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