June 6th, 2001

nanowrimo 2010

Off to class

I'll be in class today, and pretty much unreachable. It's an 8 to 4 exercise. (betcha it gets out early). Expect a long entry from SoulCatcher this evening.
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nanowrimo 2010

I've got no class (for the rest of the day)

I'm back from class. It was interesting. Perhaps it will be useful, but overall I am disappointed. It is basically the same old lecture on calorie counting with a twist. They want you to count carbohydrates instead. It's just not in the cards. I can diet, I can restrict, I can avoid, I can do most anything with my diet but monitor every bite that I eat. It is not that I can't it's that I won't. I refuse to live my life around food. There has to be another approach.


I feel bad this afternoon. What little energy I had was used up by sitting all day. It is just as hard as moving around all day, sometimes. I checked out some exercise equipment on the way home. I suppose I'll eventually wind up with the stationary bike I want, but it will be a while. The stuff is just way too expensive.

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