June 3rd, 2001

nanowrimo 2010

Life is complicated. Usually I *like* that...

Lots of things have been going on this weekend. I can't say I've been busy but I've been "occupied" if you see the distinction you're doing better than me.

Thursday Night

Big mistake. I ordered a large pizza from Papa Johns. Canadian bacon, mushrooms, onion and black olive on a thin crust is my favorite. My mother ate a slice and between 18:00 and 22:00 I polished off the rest. I spent the night semi-comatose and had trouble waking up the next day. My sugar on awakening should be around 100. It is often around 70 (too low). Friday morning it was 310. I took an extra prandin and went off to see Dr DuDu.


Dr. DuDu and I had a pleasant conversation on Friday morning. He plays the jazz station from the local college in his office. It is most peculiar that backwoods MO has a good jazz station, but it is run by the school that used to be an all black college (Lincoln University) and I would suppose that there is a long tradition of jazz there. They play really solid stuff. None of the "Fuzak" that people call "fusion" and none of the really annoying "acid" jazz. They sometimes afflict me with Kenny G or David Sanborn but mostly stick with really good musicians. And before one of you goes off on me, I don't mean just Bill Evans and Wes Montgomery, I mean even new guys like Joey DeFrancesco and Joshua Redmon. Joshua Redmon know the saxophone like nobody else. Joey DeFrancesco can play an old Hammond B3 like nobody's business. Wish I owned more of their stuff.

That was a lengthy digression. Dr. DuDu and I talked about numerous things, web pages, computers, this'n'that. He attached an electrical device to my arm and shoulder that sent shocks through my forearm that made me glad my EKG had come back clean. It does seem to have helped. If you need a Chiropractor in Jefferson City, MO, get in touch, I'll send you his name and address. He's good. He also worked my lower back a bit. That isn't improving much. It still feels as rigid as a heritage oak. I am not, in general, a big fan of Chiropractic, having been told multiple times (by people who are in the business) that it is a scan for a lot of practitioners. When I find someone who helps me I hang onto 'em like grim death.

I took my mother to visit Dr. Jujube (she has a cough) and I now have the results from my cardiac stress test. Everything is find. I didn't get much detail from Dr. Jujube, but he managed to concede that there's nothing in particular to be concerned about. Which leaves me wondering what is causing my difficulty breathing, my occasional racing heartbeat (fibrillation?) and the numbness in my right arm. Oh well, I suppose that's a topic for my next visit.

After my morning with Dr. DuDu and my afternoon visit with Dr. Jujube. I rambled about trying to acquire a replacement for my uncomfortable desk. I did order it some weeks ago, but it has been buried in the warehouse at Staples for entirely too long. I finally got them to admit that they had it but the refused to believe I paid for it in advance. I have a lot of trouble with that. I tend to pay for things when I order them in the expectation that they will actually be delivered. I bought a pie the other day for a party (ordered it for the next day and paid for it). When I came to pick it up they wouldn't let me have it until I produced a receipt despite that fact that the waitress and the cashier both recognized me and remembered my paying. Now get this, they were the ones who wouldn't let me have the pie and they were the ones who remembered me. Where is the sense in this? At any rate, I got my desk late in the day after fishing about for a receipt. Fortunately my sister saves things.

Having acquired the desk I hauled it home (instead of waiting twenty or thirty years for Staples to deliver it) and nearly dislocated my back getting it inside. Now the assembly begins. Well, later the assembly begins. I have to dis-assemble my current desk first.

Saturday Morning

I had to fast after 20:00 last night. Not to big a strain. Getting up in the morning was hideous, though. The fasting was required because I went to the lab for some blood work (liver function, etc.). The lab opens at 09:00. My Mother and my Aunt went along and waited while they drew some blood. It should have been minutes only but it turned out to talk over half an hour. I was about sixth in line and I got there precisely at 09:00. The lab had only one person working on Saturday and he was handling the reception desk and all the phlebotomy by himself.

After bleeding, we all went to breakfast. We sat in the smoking section of Perkins Restaurant and had big breakfasts. Well, let me amend that. I had a big breakfast. My mother ate a meal that a normal person would call small, but did finish it all. For her a full meal involves an egg and maybe half a piece of toast. She finished three small pancakes and an egg! My Aunt had already eaten but had a pancake to keep us company. I guess as long as I'm boring you with the menu, I had chicken-fried steak, two eggs over easy with hashbrowns and three pancakes. I didn't eat the pancakes. The rest of the breakfast was way over my limit. As we exited, we bought a strawberry pie. My mother and Aunt have been attacking it steadily and I even had a piece (thought it is a pretty far stretch to include something that sweet in my diet. Delicious!

Saturday afternoon

One of the boys called. He is in fairly dire straits. His roommates have kicked him out on short notice. Not such a tragedy as he is not much enamored of his abode, but it happened at the same time his bike is in the shop and it leaves him with the choice of being homeless or without wheels. There's not much I can do to help, but I dashed out to Western Union and sent enough cash to fix the bike. Now it's going to be up to him to get moved out to a decent place. He's doing a temporary job. I think he's going to have to change locations in order to get anything good. The job market where he's at is dismal. Come to think of it, the market for UNIX administrators and VB programmers is dismay everywhere.

Saturday night

The evening was uneventful, but I spent it worrying needlessly about things I can do nothing about. My kids are the best thing in my life but I sometimes try to hard to reason for them. I hate being helpless. More than anything else I can think of, that is the defining quality of my personality. I can be happy with just about anything as long as I can have some effect. When I can't do anything I am (almost by definition) unhappy.

Sunday so far

I didn't sleep very well last night. I was up a couple of times. My mother was up with chest pains, so I sat with her a while. After she went back to bed I snored in my recliner.

With lunch behind me I can finally get back to some typing. I haven't been able to concentrate at all this weekend. I hope this signifies a break.

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nanowrimo 2010

Frustrated by the power company

I worked three hours this afternoon on the next soulcatcher diary entry. I lost it through a power blip. Damn! It was moderately good and exceedingly long. Too tired now to do more. I'm outta here, folks. Wish me good night and good dreams. I'd like something soothing and lacking in mystery …
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