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I have little to report

The Society of Little Old Ladies

My aunts and two of their friends dropped by today. The meeting of the SOLOL is always tedious, but I rarely get to see my aunts. They are the only family to whom I feel close these days. Not saying anything against my siblings or cousins or any of the others, but I just don't feel very close to them these days. My aunt Muriel is over 90 now and her younger sister, well over 80. Nola (their cousin) drives them and brought with them a friend I've met a few times over the years. We spoke of people I don't know, remember, or much care about. I gave them a sanitized version of my trials and tribulations. As the local paper frequently says "A good time was had by all."

Canine Cavil

My beastly beast is trying my patience as ever. She hasn't made a run for the border in some time. I have inserted so many poles into my fence that it is now, essentially, a row of poles. Jirel digs now in the yard instead of under the fence.

My sister's dog Nickkie (weird spelling, I know) is back with me. Nickkie stayed with me about a month when Jirel first moved in with me. Jirel and Nickkie, therefore, get along reasonably well. They have dominance issues. It is actually amusing to see them "fight" as it is all a matter of show. It is funny to me to see the 15lb. Nickkie slapping the 35lb. Jirel to the ground and "pinning" her there with one paw. I hope someday to get a picture of this.

Family Stuff


Little has changed. John will be back in court in March.Nothing about his situation has changed much save that he has cleared a number of people (including my sister) out of the country house. It will reduce the problems in his life to what I hope is a manageable level. Good luck.


My sister Missy has arrived. She moved in last week and brought with her her friend Erica. They have been little in evidence, sleeping almost all the hours that I am awake and leaving the house frequently for a day or two at a time. They are unobtrusive at the least.

Joe & Lisa

Both Joe and his fiance are quite busy. Both are working two jobs. Both are working long hours. Both are gaming incessantly - WarHammer and Star Wars Galaxies - as well as being involved in the SCA. I knew the SCA here nearly 30 years ago and didn't get along with 'em. They are now the Shire of Calontir and reputedly completely reorganized. I may get involved again.

I would enjoy being a craftsman of some sort within the SCA. I don't know if I could compete with other leatherworkers, painters, etc, but who cares really? The object for me would be to have a good time.

Rumor of Roomers

'Tis true, I have roomers. Mario and Kim are resident in my basement. Neither are here all that much. Both pass through every day but Kim retains her apartment and Mario spends much time there. Kim has a seven-year-old daughter named "Cheyenne" who is the delight of my puppy. They run around in the yard and exhaust one another. An ideal situation.


Had an interesting session with the doctor a week or so ago. She x-rayed me, studied the results of an MRI, got the results of my blood work and told me that while I had all the symptoms and that the blood work was "positive" for rheumatoid arthritis (now know to the uncontrollably hip as "RA"), and though I had some "spurs" on my shoulder bones she didn't think I had rheumatoid arthritis. Gee. I have the symptoms and the tests are positive and indicative of rheumatoid arthritis but I don't have it. Will wonders never cease?

I have been going to physical therapy for whatever I have instead of arthritis. It is painful and not very helpful so far. I have hopes to restore the range of motion I've lost in my right shoulder. I would just settle for having my knee not hurt whenever I get cold.

My insurance company (the one that administers my STD (that's Short Term Disability, not Sexually Transmitted Disease) is giving me a hard time. They want doctors' notes and such each time I go to the doctor. My doctors hate that. I dispute the usefulness of them having this information.

I really must see Dr. Diesel soon just to make the insurance company happy. It really pisses them off that my ability to work doesn't just magically reappear between doctor visits.


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