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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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My eye is better today. My glucose level hit 650 and thereby caused pressure on the eyes. For some reason it affected my left eye very strongly and my right very little. My sugar is down to 112 and I am feeling a lot better.

<sigh>I missed my weekly luncheon with the folks from work.</sigh>

I am very tired these days. I suppose it is aftermath of flu and hi sugars.

I met with my lawyer yesterday. He says he is filing papers so we don't wind up in front of a judge. I'd prefer not to see a judge too. I don't understand why my disability claim was turned down. I discussed briefly with him the commercial I've been seeing that says I can join a class action suit against my insurance company.

I'm pretty confused. I hope today is payday. Bills are backing up. Janet will be here over the weekend. Maybe we can pay bills then.