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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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"Follow the yellow brick road ..."
nanowrimo 2010

Shigor is going to India for a month (again) and I will be returning to my misanthropic bachelor ways. This is the second trip this year, and quite close together. Good grief but I am getting old, it is almost a relief not to have anyone to run around with.

Words with "anthropy"
apanthropy - aversion to the company of men
boanthropy - delusion that one is an ox
cyanthropy - delusion that one is a dog
galeanthropy - delusion that one is a cat
luanthropy - delusion that one is made of LuTron
misanthropy - distrust of mankind (not a delusion)
philanthropy - love of mankind in general (psychosis)
psilanthropy - denial of the divinity of Christ
puanthropy - delusion that one is a piece of shit
theanthropy - belief in the union of the divine and human
zoanthropy - delusion that one is an animal