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Today's Mission

George, my shrinkologist, phoned today. He reminded me of a photo we had discussed, one taken at the end of the seven-mile bridge in the Florida Keys . It is an unusual photo taken toward the west as a storm approached from the east. It includes a colorful sunset and a choppy sea. Very dramatic. I wll have to go through my trunks in the basement and see if I can find it. I haven't seen it for a while. I did not take the photo, my son Don did. Once I find it I think I may have it blown up to poster size and framed.

The rest of the day has no real plan to it. I cancelled my routine luncheon with the folks from Verizon because I have an absolutely miserable cold.

The Poem


Colonel Bogey marched in vain.
Everyone's forgot his name.

They days of heroes are long past.
Never remember what was lost
for fear the memory
will bear a fearsome cost.

Forget the Ranger, give no thought
to the man who made him live
or the legend of one
who did not forgive.

Beware the lure of greatness.
To stand alone is to be despised
and stand a target for
hatred and venal lies.

Colonel Bogey marched in vain.
Everyone's forgot his name.


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