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Catching up on nothing much

I've been reading (listening to) a book I read long ago, Doorways in the Sand by Roger Zelazny. It is uncommonly pleasant to re-read, as it were. I am strongly reminded of lutron while reading this book. He suffered briefly a sort of acrophilia. As far as know his fondness for climbing was completely solitary, but one can dream...

The book is written in a jocular style. It is dedicated to Isaac Asimov which, I think, accounts for its manner. It is a tale of a perpetual student who runs afoul of various alien activities. The dead-pan acceptance of the bizarre, the resourceful and most tangential thinking, the wry sense of humour, the odd logical twist of certain activities and perceptions all remind me of lutron and many conversations I had with him ten or more years ago.

I have done little else but listen to books lately. I've just finished Lost Worlds, Unknown Horizons by Robert Silverberg. This is a re-read for me also. There is damned little in the way of science fiction available from the library that I have not read. This anthology contained stories by H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith, two of my favorite authors.

I went out to lunch twice this week. The first occasion was my weekly "Thursday" lunch with the folks from work. Larry was there. I have not talked to him in quite a while and it was good to see him. My second lunch was, in a fashion, an errand in that I went the The Old Brick House Deli to pick up some knackwurst and frankfurters. Might as well run that sort of errand at lunch time.

The last two weeks seems to have been devoid of doctor appointments (save my shrinkologist, of course). I will have to see Dr. Diesel about my blood sugar next week, though. I am not able to stay in control without being nauseous all the time. There has to be a better way.

In the depths of one of the boxes I was unpacking this week I found a four-port USB hub. This is something I've owned a while, I guess. I don't remember purchasing it. It will be quite useful. My rapidly-becoming-antiquated computer has but two USB ports. I need four. I am not sure now to connect it and the necessaries but I will muddle through it.

My dog chewed a hole in my garden hose. I need to acquire a new one. I may go to Lowe's today and look for that. I need to go to the grocery as well. Perhaps. questor411 and Lisa will take me there.


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