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Catching uip again.

I've had a poor week. Mostly due to scheduling problems.

  1. Sunday I forgot to phone for a bus ride to RSB.
  2. Monday I phoned to get the ride to RSB
  3. Tuesday I cancelled the visit to RSB, "stomach" troubles.
  4. Wednesday I went to the doctor. I was on the bus from 8:30 to noon to keep a 9:15 appointment that was over before 10:00
  5. Thursday I kept an appointment with Dr. Brenner a week early. I was at her office by 9:00 and had to pay cab fare to return home by 10:00. This error caused me to miss my bus ride to Panera's for the weekly lunch with folks from Verizon. That cost more cab fare. Randy dropped me at the grocery afterward. That was yet another cab fare. I was out of the house from 8:00 to 10:00 then 11:00 to 16:00. This upset my dog.
  6. Friday I went to JCMG for an MRI at 11:00. I had to leave the house by bus at 9:00 to get there. I went from there to The Old Brick House Deli and had a good lunch. My bus picked me up there at 13:30 and I kept my usual shrinkologist appointment and was picked up by the bus at 15:30 and home by 16:10. This upset my dog.
Crossing Stadium Boulevard from JCMG to The Old Brick House, I suffered a near death experience. I touched the switch for the light. I know I had it in my favor because all traffic was stopped. I am certain of that. Some jerk making a right on red (I don't know, but I don't think he even slowed) came within a foot of running me down. It was all squealing tires and shrieking breaks. I stood in front of the car, trying to contain my bladder and was rescued by a runner named Nancy. She led me to the curb and roundly cursed the driver who replied by pealing out and leaving some tire tread on top of the tread he left stopping. Asshole!


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