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Catching up



The day was pretty much a nothing of a day. It was my second day on Lamictal. I saw no obvious benefits or problems.


I was extremely tired this day. I was scheduled to have lunch with my aunt Muriel but rescheduled on her. We will have lunch Friday instead. I took a long nap in the afternoon.


Each Thursday is a lunch scheduled with my friends from work. We meet at Paneras unless we make some other arrangement in advance. This week I had a grilled chicken salad. That is a light meal for me, but I had had a late breakfast. Randy and Greg were there from work, a friend from the NFB, Betty Walker, was there as well. I rode the Handi Wheels bus to Paneras and rode home the same way. The trip to Paneras was fine, but I was on the bus nearly an hour and a half getting home. They were pretty far behind their schedule. My unsane dog Jirel punished me by emptying a trash can and chewing the contents into infinitesimal bits.


I went to lunch with my aunt Muriel as planned. I had arranged Handi Wheels transportation to Oak Tree Villa (where my aunt lives) and thence to Hunan restaurant. That did not work out, instead we ate at Oak Tree Villa. *sigh* Lunch was OK, but no more than that. A large chicken breast, a tiny quantity of green beans and mashed potatoes, and a slice of custard pie. I left Oak Tree Villa to keep an appointment with my shrinkologist, with belly rumbling. Nothing much happened there. I returned home to find another scene that looked like the aftermath of a ticker-tape parade. Jirel just hates to be left alone. Fortunately she has not yet shredded anything I regard as important.


This day was a complete waste. I went to bed Friday night before 21:00 and did not get up until 16:50 Saturday. Between times I got out of bed no more twice and no more than twenty minutes each time. It has to be the medication, but I don't see how. I did not take my Lamictal on Saturday.


I am very tired, but I am feeling better today. I was awake only a few hours between 17:00 and 23:00 last night. I woke at about 8:00 this morning and feel reasonably good. I think I am going to skip the Limictal today and try to get in touch with the doctor tomorrow. I have to go to Wal-Mart today. Among other things, I am going to buy a wading pool for my puppy.

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