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Less than satisfying
nanowrimo 2010

My visit today to Dr. Cushball was, well . . . less than satisfying.

My diagnosis is "seizure activity". That sounds too generic to me. I asked for a likely cause and was given a lecture on brain function (unneeded) and was told "sometimes it just happens". Well, that is acceptable, I suppose, but I don't intend to do nothing about discovering a cause. Dr. Cushball put me on a medication that takes five weeks to become effective. I don't remember the name and don't feel like getting up to look at it. I will research the drug.

I cannot believe that Dr. Cushball has no plans to find out the reason for my seizures, only to treat them. I am going to get a second opinion.

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Sometimes it just happens? Huh? This sounds plenty weird to me. I would run, and not walk, to a second opinion. Was anything mentioned regarding this new medication and the meds you are taking for depression?

You might want to include the Epilepsy Foundation in your investigations. Their eCommunities look very active.

Specifically, I would urge you to read this transcript available there, on Mood Disorders and Epilepsy:

Your local library (Missouri River Regional) has access to EBSCOhost, which includes both full text Clinical Pharmacology and Health Source: Consumer Edition and Health Source: Academic/Nursing Edition, which both have extensive full text medical journals and resources. I don't think they have remote access set up though. Those resources are also available through State offices and through schools and Higher Ed in Jeff City.

I hope that this helps you.

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