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I had very a very odd, very lengthy (experiential time) dream last night, just before waking. It was icky. I use this in as precise a technical sense as the word permits. The dream was filled with "icky" things.

  1. Disagreeably sticky: icky candy.
  2. Offensive; distasteful: icky sentimentality.
  3. (informal) very bad
  4. soft and sticky

All of those things were present.

I was in a riverfront trading camp sort of place. The wooden pier, the crates tied up with rope, an "African Queen" looking boat, everything one could expect. The water was a swamp, dark, moss-hung, very much a tropical nightmare. Everything took place in a "jovial adventure" sort of way despite the unpleasant undercurrent of events. By jovial adventure I mean the sort of thing you see on "The Lost World" - that "Oh my, old man, that's the largest hideous beast we've ever faced. They'll never believe this back in London! Ha! Ha!"

We (and I don't know who any of the others were, I just know there were six of them) wandered through the swamp. We were treading insects underfoot regularly. The were all oversized, centipedal, wormy, snaky creatures. Occasionally, something larger, dog-sized, oozing and nasty would jump out of the leaves and attack one of us. Twice something elephantine and very worm-like reared up and went for us. Shots knocked out fist-sized clumps of goo out of the big worms and I wound up splattered in ick. The last thing I remember about the dream was using something like a pick to skewer a snaky sort of green thing.

I don't remember what it is that woke me. The dream happened in the hour before I usually wake anyway.


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