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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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An unexpected nap and an unexpected dream

x-posted to my dream journal

I had an unexpected nap this afternoon. It lasted nearly three hours. I dreamed of having a conversation with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I have no idea what inspired this. I haven't seen T3, it hasn't been on my mind.

I don't remember any words spoken, but I do remember that i "knew" certain things. We talked about his bodyguards. Why he hadn't any, whether or not his children would need them. I seemed preoccupied with the nuts and bolts of a famous person's security. Most bodyguards, it seems, get about $125 an hour and won't work shifts longer than four hours. Arnold didn't feel he could afford to keep people around on such terms. The conversation was brief but "thorough" and I don't remember how it ended, I just woke up.

None of that has any basis in my own knowledge and I don't imagine any of it is true.

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in which neil young was needing a ride and I gave him a lift, he came to my house.

it seemed so real.. I awoke thinking he is heading to town soon, not out of the realm of possibilities, as he maintains a home somewhere in the vicinity.

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