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Light at the end of the tunnel time? Perhaps. My house, and the loan attached thereto is now in my name and solely my responsibility. Nobody else can screw up and make me homeless now, only me. That's a good thing.

Tuesday I stayed awake from midnight on in order to take a "sleep deprived" EEG. Naturally, my sister was at home waiting for me when I got back from the test and we spent a day being busy. I lost an entire night's sleep (well, as much sleep as I get in an entire night) and haven't made it up in any way. It is a major bitch that I am exhausted by something like this and still haven't recovered after two days. I'm feeling really old and tired today.

Good news, my brother may be out on bond for a while. I hope this is not just a subterfuge to allow the state to confiscate his house. Missouri has a reputation along those lines.


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