Karl (louderback) wrote,

Doggy Misery

The chat room got a little too intense this evening and I had to bail out. Bad problems were the order of the day. One particular person was waiting at home in anticipation of a beating and couldn't be talked into leaving. *sigh*

The day otherwise was a pain. Jirel was an idiot today. For the second time, she went under the fence while chained. This puts her on a short leash. She immediately begins setting up a howl and expects me to come release her. Last time, she got away from me in the process and ran the neighborhood for hours.

Tonight I just left her for a couple of hours and maybe she was unhappy enough that she won't do it again any time soon. Yeah, right.

I hurt my knee retrieving her as it necessitated crawling under my deck (a very tight space for me) and dragging her out on a leash with her jerking and tugging every which way trying to get away.


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