Karl (louderback) wrote,

Visitor day

Not much of a day today. I had a visitor, I did a little house-cleaning. I vacuumed the floor in my main room. An exercise in futility, I think, as I am not at all certain that the floor is actually clean. I suppose it is a relative measure when I clean, things get better than they were. Nobody died.

Watched a couple of episodes of Reboot and really enjoyed them. They are the later episodes after Bob departs into the net and Enzo Matrix takes over as Guardian. I never saw more than a few of those while they were still being broadcast. This is my chance to catch up.

A friend dropped by late in the day and saw my Netflix movie queue on my screen. His comment was "A psychiatrist would have a ball with this..." OK. Here it is for your perusal. I think I will send it to my psychiatrist.

  1. Reboot: Vol. 3: The Web
  2. Reboot: Vol. 4: The Viral Wars
  3. The Last Don
  4. The Last Don II
  5. The Sopranos: Season 2: Disc 1
  6. The Sopranos: Season 3: Disc 1
  7. The Sopranos: Season 3: Disc 2
  8. The Sopranos: Season 3: Disc 3
  9. The Sopranos: Season 3: Disc 4
  10. Dune: Disc 1 of 3
  11. Dune: Disc 2 of 3
  12. Dune: Disc 3 of 3
  13. Children of Dune: Disc 1
  14. Children of Dune: Disc 2
  15. Ice Age
  16. Good Will Hunting
  17. Doomsdayer
  18. The Real Eve
  19. The Secret Life of the Brain: Disc 1
  20. The Secret Life of the Brain: Disc 3
  21. Kiss of the Dragon
  22. The Adventures of Sebastian Cole
  23. Clerks: Uncensored: Disc 1
  24. Clerks: Uncensored: Disc 2
  25. Mallrats
  26. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
  27. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: Bonus Disc
  28. Highlander
  29. Highlander 2: Renegade Version
  30. Highlander 3: The Final Dimension
  31. Highlander 4: Endgame
  32. Highlander 4: Endgame: Bonus Disc
  33. Highlander: Season 1: Disc 1
  34. Highlander: Season 1: Disc 2
  35. Highlander: Season 1: Disc 3
  36. Highlander: Season 1: Disc 4
  37. Highlander: Season 1: Disc 5
  38. Highlander: Season 1: Disc 6
  39. Highlander: Season 1: Disc 7
  40. Highlander: Season 1: Disc 8
  41. Highlander: The Adventure Begins
  42. Roughnecks: The Tesca Campaign
  43. Roughnecks: The Pluto Campaign
  44. Roughnecks: The Tophet Campaign
  45. Rougnecks: The Hydora Campaign
  46. Lady in White
  47. Unknown Jonathan Winters: On The Loose
  48. Heavy Metal 2000
  49. Curse of the Queerwolf
  50. Kentucky Fried Movie
  51. Metropolis
  52. The Groove Tube
  53. I, Claudius: Disc 1
  54. I, Claudius: Disc 2
  55. I, Claudius: Disc 3
  56. I, Claudius: Disc 4
  57. I, Claudius: Disc 5
  58. I, Claudius: Disc 1
  59. I, Claudius: Disc 2
  60. I, Claudius: Disc 3
  61. I, Claudius: Disc 4
  62. I, Claudius: Disc 5/The Epic That Never Was
  63. Dark Planet
  64. Daredevil
  65. Daredevil: Bonus Disc


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