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Met with RSB today.

I watched The Ring and was well pleased. Per lutron 's description, it was indeed a scary movie. I liked several things about it. The dream imagery was very spooky even to my limited vision. The story was good and there were lots of twists and turns that I didn't fully anticipate.

I met with RSB which is to say with my Rehabilitation Services for the blind case worker Brenda, and with the boss of the place, Ed. They are basically getting antsy with the fact that my case has been open a long time without much changing. Ed annoyed me today, he seemed to be in a bad mood or something. He also borderline accused me of having psychosomatic problems rather than actual physical ones. That didn't annoy me so much as just irritate the situation. I really don't know what more RSB could do for me. I think they are preparing to close my case if I don't make some changes in my situation. I really don't think I can reasonably make many changes until my health improves.

I am now watching "Reboot", a far cry from "The Ring". It is enjoyable. I like the cheezy names for villains and the humourous computer references.

I am very tired today.


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