Karl (louderback) wrote,

losses today

Today was a bad day in many ways. Conflicts arose, surprises were inflicted on me, my puppy gave me troubles, a friend passed away, and a chat room friend was banned.

Chat room

I hang about in a depression and bipolar chat pretty frequently. I am there almost every day, but have not joined in for about two days lately. In that time, an acquaintance has been banned. Several people are upset by the banning, others - unhappy - are not upset. The banning was for "negativity" it appears, and for making others feel bad. Now I have to take some exception if the banning was for those reasons. The level of negativity in a BP/Depression chat is pretty high. The bummer factor is immense. On the other hand, I was not there, so I don't know what happened. In any event, I will miss this particular person who was never bad to me that I can recall.


My sister came by today unexpectedly. I was glad to see her, but she brought two friends and they just sort of swept through the place. She picked up some of her stuff and took them to the country house where she is living. They had a snack while here. Apparently my larder is lavish compared to theirs. That makes me think things are more dire with her than she is saying.


Had a slightly heated exchange with the dispatcher at Handi-Wheels. I am going tomorrow to a location for which I don't know the address. They deliver my friend Rita there every morning and pick up and deliver people at least once a day... it is the Rehabilitation Services for the Blind group. The dispatcher got a bit pissy with me about not knowing the street address. They know the address and can look it much more easily than can I. Nevertheless I called them back after looking up the address. It was no simple process. All the information in my address book was a few months old. I had to call them to get the correct information. *sigh*

Puppy Troubles

When my sister arrived this afternoon, she let my dog out. This is the second or third time that has happened. Fortunately, she came when I called. I had to call only about five minutes. Remarkably quick. She usually stays away quite a while when she gets off the leash. All is well for now.

Steve Witherspoon

Back in the olden times when I was a middy programmer on the great ship Florida Power & Light, the first person I shared an office with was Steve Witherspoon.

Steve was a handsome man in his late 20's. He was tall and slender with a moustache that reminded me a bit of BJ from M*A*S*H. Steve was inventive and personable and I recall that he had a pleasant sense of humour. Once, I found some bumper stickers and added the job title "Evil Genius" to the nameplate outside the door of my office. Steve (an inveterate sailor) went on his own search and added "The Supreme Sailing Experience" to his.

Steve's father was a pilot of the "flying boats" that had their port in Miami years ago. He took pride in his father and once took me to a museum where the air boats were commemorated so he could show me the plaque with his father's name and history.

When I left Miami I lost touch with Steve. I contacted him perhaps twice in fifteen years and heard about him circuitously only once. Today I learned that he has been battling brain cancer and has finally passed.

I'll remember Steve as a family man, who loved his wife, a proud father and a proud son. Wherever he is I wish him well.


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