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Put together an entry for SoulCatcher on Badvogato. I find it curiously relaxing to become that stressed out and rather inept nemesis of mankind for a while. I find when I'm writing his diary I have an entirely different mindset. It is a feeling I enjoy. I like getting outside my own head, gods know it's crowded in here. I wonder if others experience the same thing? I am certain that actors do, I know enough of them to verify it pretty directly. I remember one Billy Nufer from my Miami days who was a delightful, sensitive young man who couldn't much bear the world and escaped it by being an actor. He was only happy when on-stage.

I think many actors are like that. I suspect writers submerge themselves in their written words in much the same fashion. Generally I do not, my writing is more a work of artisanship than of art. Perhaps I'll never write a best-seller because of that (or perhaps that'll be the reason I do write one). Groggy. I'll try sleeping again.


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