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Another day of slow motion

I have been almost unable to move today. My back is bothering me and and my mood is very bad. I hope either improves tomorrow.

Discussed exercise with someone in chat yesterday. I have tried for years to find some exercise that I enjoyed enough to stay with regularly. I have failed pretty badly. I don't understand the people that tell me how good exercise is for you. All I get is tired and sweaty and irritated at being tired and sweaty. I use my exercise bike every day, and walk my dog in the morning. Neither is heavy exercise, but I guess some is better than none.

I remember going to the gym and working out at the bag to "work out frustration", "work off my aggressions" or whatever it is supposed to do. It never did that for me. If I got worked up enough to get "mad" at the bag, it just left me in a foul humour... foul enough to get into fights in the parking lot on the way home.

Exercise, basically, I just don't get it.


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