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Today was a bad transportation day

I had to go to my doctor's because of the bloody insurance company. They faxed a request for info and everytime they do I have to go and sign another release. Yesterday I planned to go to the doctor's office at 9:00 then to the grocery and be back by noon. The bus couldn't pick me up until 10:00. *sigh* OK, went for that, was out in 4 minutes (literally, I timed it) but they won't wait for you on this kind of drop, so I had to call the bus service and have 'em pick me up. at 11:15 I got picked up and taken to the grocery (where the only thing I needed was to pick up a prescription and a stain remover for my carpet.
(does anybody have a good idea about how to get betadine anticeptic out of a carpet? it's that orange stuff they use in hospitals. My dog opened up the bottle and my gray carpet is extremely orange in a wide variety of places)
I was about ten minutes in the grocery. I got home at 1:00.

It's days like this when I miss driving. I could have gone to the doctor's office any time between 7:00 and 18:00, dropped by the grocery and been back home and the whole thing would have taken about 30 minutes instead of taking three hours and missing lunch. *sigh*

The rest of the day was pretty much of a mess as well. My sister was supposed to be here but did not show. The only item I really needed at the grocery was the one I forgot to get.

I seem to be getting increasingly disorganized. I am having a harder time every day dealing with the kind of hassles of this "disabled" lifestyle.

I met a friend on the bus. She was very proud of her new eyes. They are a different color than the old pair. I find it frustrating and weird that I had to compliment them to make her happy while I, ouf course, could not see them. My life is weird.


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