Karl (louderback) wrote,

went to the nurse practitioner instead of the doctor

Rough day today at the doctor. I saw a nurse practitioner named Snot who was actually a petty cool person. She adjusted my antidepressant meds. I am going to see if I can get a PDOC instead of just my regular do. I don't know why my regular doctor can't ge as agreeable.

My ride to the Dr. office was almost half an hour early. I wasn't ready to go and kept about three people on the bus waiting while I got my stuff together. Nobody complained, but I could feel the dirty looks I couldn't see. It was altogether a bad day for the bus. My 10:30 appointment was over by 11:00. I called for the bus, which usually arrives after about 30 minutes. It took about an hour and fifteen minutes and another call for the bus to arrive. It was not a total loss. I hung around the coffee stand and had a cup of double shot espresso - mocha java. It is uncommonly good. The woman who runs the stand gets her coffee from a local roaster. I enjoy it quite a bit

I note that my resolution to update daily went by the wayside yesterday. *sigh*


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