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Bleak possibilities

Today has been a hard day. I am anticipating a bad week and am spending my day pointlessly worrying. I don't seem to have the ability to worry constructively, anymore.

My resources are at an all time low. I have no money left, have sold all my assets of any value. I called in all the debts owed me over the last two years, and I have nobody of whom I can think from whom I might borrow money. There is some equity in the house, but it would be a very brief (I think about two months) reprieve.

Bankruptcy might might save the house, but I will still be unable to keep up utilities and such. I can live without power for a time. I think when I lose water things will really be over. I will start the circuit then of staying with family. I have eight or ten on whom I might impose at least briefly.

My future looks pretty bleak to me. I hope my sister's arrival next week will open up some possibilities.


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