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News of the day

Work News:

I had a pleasant call from my boss today. She wished me happy birthday. She also told me that my short term disability had been extended and that there was no plan to do a company doctor after all. Apparently that no longer works the way we thought. So things are status quo for the time being.

Health News:

Nothing much on this front. This is about the first week since I left work that I didn't have a doctor appointment every day. I will see my Neurologist Friday. Hopefully he will have results that define my condition. I am in desperate need of a diagnosis. With a definitive diagnosis for my vision or my falling problem, disability will be a pretty sure proposition. Without a diagnosis for one or the other it will be very difficult. Cripes! You'd think disabling depression with suicidal tendencies would be enough, wouldn't you?

Social News:

My shrinkologist thinks I need to get out more. I agree, but I don't think moving to a location where there are places to go is practical right now. I had lunch out with my friend Randy last week. I was to do so this week, but it didn't work out. I will do so next Tuesday or Wednesday in all probability. I've had lunch out with Betty as well, though that was less than thrilling. Two blind people shopping are a bigger nuisance (even to one another) than those old couples you encounter hobbling around in the mall. And with the same irritating habits, they are slow, yell at each other all the time, get in other people's way, monopolize the store help, and generally are a nuisance. I have the hang of traveling by Handi-Wheels. It is unspeakably slow.

Plans for Friday:

I'm off to my Neurologist tomorrow. Appointment is 1:00 so Handi-Wheels will pick me up at 12:30. I'll have my appointment then stay there until 2:30. Handi-Wheels will take me to my shrinkologist by 3:00 and pick me up to bring me home at 4:00.

Puppy News:

No news is good news. Not much to say. Jirel is behaving well. She got away from me the other day when the deliveryman opened the door (orange chicken) but Jirel came back within 30 minutes, so no harm done. I must find a way to break my friends from just opening my door and walking in. I hate to keep a screen door locked at all times, it is a raging pain for me to manipulate the lock, but I guess that is the way it will go. My friends and family have the irritating habit of just opening the door and walking in. I confess to this vice myself, but I try to limit it to non-invasive situations (when I remember to think of it). I suppose it is hopeless to train my fellow man to this behavior.

Other News:

I am just plain upset today. I've done almost nothing but I am feeling very agitated. The only things to happen today are good things but I remain in a pissed off mood. I quit my chat room today after gritching everyone out. Undeservedly I suppose, but I don't care very much. That's part of my problem lately. I don't care very much about much of anything. I am angry all the time and procrastinate endlessly. Sounds weird, doesn't it. It summons a picture of me stomping around the house avoiding things. That, come to think of it, is a pretty accurate picture. More later. I'm beginning to feel a rant coming on.

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