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It has been a slow day. I went for a walk with the pup and tired myself. The weather, however, was perfect. It has been a very pleasant day.

Mario came by and mowed my lawn today. I am very grateful that he is willing to do this. It solves a real problem for me and cuts back a major expense. People in the neighborhood are paying $50 to $100 a month for lawn care. That is just outrageous in my book.

I fell twice last night. I think it was because I was tired. I went to Petco in Columbia with my son and his wife. We visited a game store called Valhalla's Gate. I think Joe was a little disappointed that I was unimpressed by the place. I don't think it really registers with him that I've been interested in D&D before it was even called that. I've been in better stores, and have romped the dealer's room of many a convention over the years. There's not all that much to a game room or a game store.

I have been trying to play Age of Empires on the computer. It was a favorite game for me for a very long time. I can no longer play it without extreme magnification. It makes it hard to do, but I may eventually want to play enough to put up with the problems.

I am getting more disturbed with my falling. There seems to be no clear cause. What a surprise that is, the doctors once again haven't a clue. i can't detect a pattern to identify when I fall. I have definitely established that I "zone out" and come to some period later. It has been happening almost as often as the falls. I just stop and do nothing (I guess, how would I actually know?) for a period then pick up after a bit of a delay.

Puppy, now named Jirel, is doing well. I thought she would be a little sluggish after being spayed, but she has been active and happy. We walked around the neighborhood today. After the walk we were both exhausted. She napped, I didn't.

I'm not necessarily happy with the name Jirel, but I like it's origin and it is apt. Jirel of Joiry is a pulp-fiction heroine of about 1934. She is described as a red-head with golden eyes. Her shtick is that she will countenance no man who cannot best her at swordplay. She was, in a way, a precursor feminist. She was aggressive, independent, outside the usual image for a woman, even a prehistoric one. Jirel of Joiry is one of my favorite characters from the pulp days, along with Conan and Doc Savage, of course. She is the only woman of that era of writing with a strong presence in fiction. The closest other might be Sherlock's almost-love; Her name was IreneAdler.


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