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Puppy Names, second edition

Jirel of Joiry
Along about the time Conan the Cimmerian was hacking and slashing his way across the imaginations of 1930's pulp readers, another ferocious sword-slinger was battling the forces of darkness: Jirel of Joiry. A yellow- eyed redhead for whom the supernatural holds no terror, Jirel unflinchingly walks into a haunted castle, across the shifting realm of an evil sorceress, and into Hell itself. Jirel is a savage warrior whose thirst for vengeance would give pause to Conan himself.

Oh, yes, and Jirel is a woman.

Scarlett O'Hara
The fictional heroine of "Gone with the Wind". This name affords me the opportunity to tell my doggie "Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a damn."
Maureen O'Hara
Maureen played Kate opposite John Wayne's "Quiet Man". SHe is a favorite film actress for me.
Evocative of her color.
Evocative of her color and of her personality. A bitlike the character in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".
For Franka Potente the red-haired star of "Lola Rennt" or "Run, Lola, Run"
For Little Orphan Annie, the comic strip character created in 1924 by Harold Gray for The Chicago Tribune. The comic strip is still running, but it was the Broadway show “Annie” , featuring the song “The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow”, that rocketed the little girl to mega stardom. Annie is now over 75 years of age and is celebrated on this website.
For Disney's "Little Mermaid".
The Pouting cartoon babe from Scooby-Doo added some much needed glamour and chutzpah to the 1970s kitsch-ridden animated Crimebusters. "Those meddling kids!"
"Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her Mother 40 whacks". The OJ Simpson of her day. Did she or didn’t she? On the 4th August 1892 in the small town of Fall River, Massachusetts a double murder was committed. The doomed Lizzie was implicated, but with the help of the family lawyer, Redheaded Ms Borden walked free.
Cleopatra or maybe just Cleo
69-30BC. The Queen of Egypt and the Last Pharoah. Seducer of Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. Famed for her beauty, Cleopatra would bathe in asses milk and use Henna to increase the redness of her hair. There is always the complication that there is a "Cleo" that is a famous basset hound.
For Charlie Dimmock of "Changing Rooms" a British do it yourself program.
For Shirley Booth of "Hazel" fame.
A robotic incarnation of "Hazel"
Decisions, decisions....

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